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Grab The Confidence In Your Hand With Suzuki Access Scooty - My Automotive Blog
Suzuki Access scooty

Grab The Confidence In Your Hand With Suzuki Access Scooty

It’s a brand new year for Suzuki, and what a start it has been! Access 125, the company’s best-selling offering, gets a whole lot better for 2020 as it gets several new features besides an environment-friendly engine that complies with the BS6 standard. In recent days, we tested the new 2020 Suzuki Access 125 BS6 to see if it’s better than the previous model and by what margin. 

It has been Suzuki’s most popular product since it was launched nearly 13 years ago as a stand-alone company, and it was one of its early products in our market. Over a third of the manufacturer’s two-wheeler sales come from Access, according to the monthly sales reports.

Bold new engine 

Although it continues to use a single-cylinder engine of 124cc and bore x stroke values of 52.5 x, 57.4 mm, fuel injection will now replace carburettors due to stricter emission regulations. Is its performance affected by this? There is no change in top power output or 8.7 horsepower, but peak power is now delivered 250 rpm earlier in the rev band, at 6,750 rpm. 

While the peak torque has decreased from 10.2Nm to 10Nm, the average torque has increased. Although the new Access sounds and feels smoother and more refined, it remains as compliant as its predecessor. After reaching 65kph on the speedometer, there is a noticeable flattening out of the performance after the initial surge. It still outpaces the new Activa 125 by over 7 seconds in a sprint to 80kph despite an additional 2kg weight increase.

New features

In addition to the standard features, Suzuki has included a few new ones on the Suzuki access scooty. As a start, the fuel filler has been relocated to the scooter’s rear from the under-seat storage. You must open it manually with the key since it can’t be controlled remotely. This partially defeats the purpose of having it at all. At the very least, it will protect the contents of your under-seat space from prying eyes. A cap that clicked into place without being locked would have also been more convenient for the Suzuki scooty on road price. 


Most of the aesthetic features of the previous Access model have been retained in Access 125. Although the design feels a bit dated, it doesn’t seem to be out of date. There is a retro feel to the Suzuki access scooty that is appealing. As a result, the almost-square headlamp is covered in chrome, the body panels are curved, and the exhaust is also shielded with chrome. The BS6 Access 125 has all the same features as its predecessor except for the LED headlamp, which is an excellent addition. The chrome fuel cap is another distinctive feature.


What would you like it to have if you were to buy a Suzuki access scooty? Is the seat height too low? Do you have an upright posture? Do you have a comfortable seat? You name it, and Access will give it to you. With an upright riding triangle, you won’t lose energy even if you ride it all day long. There was no noticeable difference between the footboard and the seat, but Suzuki claims the footboard is longer and the seat is longer. There used to be enough space and room for two healthy riders, which still feels that way. 

There are now almost 2-litres of storage under the seat, but unfortunately, a full-face helmet will still not fit. Considering the seat, it’s one of the most comfortable and well-cushioned scooter seats you’ve ever seen. Furthermore, even short riders will find the seat height decent at 773 mm. The Suzuki access scooty is ergonomically designed to handle family duties.


Despite keeping its old motor, Suzuki Access has been upgraded to meet BS6 requirements and to be more environmentally friendly. FI is standard on the 124cc motor, which produces 8.58 BHP at 6750 RPM and 10 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. Compared to the previous model, there is a slight drop in power, while torque has decreased by just 0.2 Nm. Despite this, Access 125 remains peppy. Acceleration is actually faster with the BS6 model than with the previous model. With the gentle throttle, you could ride it at 60 km/hr, and the eco-indicators would turn green, indicating the ideal cruise speed.


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