2010 Subaru Outback

2010 Subaru Outback

Only a number of cars can provide consumers with the best kind of balance in terms of performance. A decade ago, it was all about the Hatchback wars where Audis and BMWs competed for control. There were outliers, of course, and the Subaru Outback was indeed one of them. For a midsize car, this strong performer has seen stellar reviews during the first few months it was introduced to the market. There are reasons for this of course, so let’s see why the 2010 Outback had the highest ratings ever given to a midsize car.

First off, any Subaru fan knows how the brand was sub-par when it came to producing mid-range cars and sedans when compared to the Hyundai Accent or the Mitsubishi Lancer. Much of the criticism is due to the smallness of its models and the very limited interior space, which has been the biggest drawback it has had to endure. 

But looking beyond that, the Outback really did deliver on expectations when it was redesigned to offer larger cargo space compared to earlier iterations such as the 2005 Outback. Sure enough, it’s the size of the interior that had earned it praise. There’s just enough room for you and other passengers to wiggle around. Complete interior amenities also give the Outback a boost in this area, allowing it to provide extra comfort that has never been experienced in any vehicle before.

For sure, it’s a car that feels comfortable overall. The steering wheel allows for a firmer yet more relaxed grip. The inclusion of heated seats, meanwhile, adds to the overall advantages that only the Outback is capable of giving.

The interior is what makes this model a Subaru mainstay, but how about technical aspects such as handling and fuel efficiency? Well, the car looks stylish, and the lightweight interior definitely provides for better mileage. The base engine offers decent performance and, when it comes to fuel economy, it doesn’t fail to impress! Fitted with a four-cylinder, 172 HP engine that runs smoothly even during harsh winters, the Outback provides better fuel economy than most cars in the same category.

But one thing that’s noticeable, however, is the lack of acceleration. The reviews are right about this car: It’s not a gas burner, but it’s still decent enough for long travels as well as city driving. In short, it’s not as powerful, but it gets the job done. The comfort you get while driving this stylish machine more than compensates for the lack of push that’s expected for a car this well-loved.

 In the safety and security department, the Outback doesn’t have to rely on fancy marketing just to sell itself for providing comfortable and hazard-free driving. The car has a near-perfect rating when it comes to keeping passengers safe. And that’s saying a lot on account of its efficient ABS system and flawless electronic stability control that most cars could barely hit the mark. It’s one of the safest cars to come out in 2010. The only reason you should have to contact attorneys from firms such as Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. is when another car crashes into you.

It’s that safe, and that’s the reason why the 2010 Subaru Outback is regarded as an important entry under the list of “cars that are just too darn perfect”.


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