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Rent-A-Car Tips 101: Rental Car Mistakes You Should Avoid! - My Automotive Blog
Rent-A-Car Tips 101: Rental Car Mistakes You Should Avoid!
Car Rental

Rent-A-Car Tips 101: Rental Car Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Need wheels for your next trip?

Before renting out a car, you might need to read this article first. Because as you may know, there are lots of car rental mistakes you need to avoid in order for you to have a smooth car renting experience. Well, to be honest, these mistakes can be avoidable, only if, you as a renter will take note of these facts.

Renting out a car is very convenient, and there’s no doubt about it. Besides, you can find thousands of lax car rental out there. However, there are some factors which can be confusing especially when it comes to the associated costs that are linked with renting. And if you are a practical type of person, you wouldn’t want to pay for an additional cost, right?

Take a look at these car rental mistakes that might possibly cost you an additional expense throughout your car renting experience.

1. Additional Insurance That You Don’t Need

For everybody’s information, if you have your own auto insurance policy, it can cover up any collision damages or any personal liability for temporary use of a rental vehicle but not with a moving truck.

You will only need additional insurance if you don’t have any auto insurance with you. Thus, buying insurance with the car rental company is convenient.

2. Do Not Rent From an Airport

Please remember this, renting from an airport will only means additional charges. You’ll need to pay additional airport surcharges and fees. So to avoid these additional costs, you need to choose a car rental which is far away from the airport.

3. Avoid Prepaying For Gas

Well, prepaying for gas is only recommended if you’ll be having a long trip during the morning. However, if your trip is not that long enough then prepaying for gas is not for you. Because, even if you return the car with the half-full tank, it is not refundable. It is better to fill up yourself for you to control the gas expenses and plus you can find a gasoline station that offers a much cheaper price.

4. Provide Your Own GPS or Car Seat, if Possible

Some car rental companies will charge you for additional car accessories like GPS or child car set. Other car rental companies can cost you a $10 GPS for a day. So if you are a practical person, it is best for you to use your smartphone for directions and maps. But if you have a portable GPS available, bring them with you don’t forget to pack it up on your suitcase. Also, don’t forget to remove that portable GPS when you return the vehicle.

7. Do Not Return the Car Late

Of course, if you return the car late most of the rental companies will charge you for an additional daily rate. But others will give you an additional 29-30 minutes grace period. So to avoid any additional cost, be sure to have extra time on the day when you return the vehicle.


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